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Lause Live! is a curated program of concerts, readings, plays and performances at the Lause. It features established, independent and lesser-known contemporary and classical, musicians, visual artists and theatre performers. Participants include Lause-based artists and guest performers from Berlin and around the world. The events are based on the core theme of space/no space.


The space for art in Berlin and cities worldwide is in acute danger. This is resulting in impoverishment of the artistic landscape, stalled social development, and creatives being displaced from cities. The studios and creative spaces of around 170 independent freelance workers in the Lause are likewise in danger. Given recent developments in Berlin's city centre, these developments put in jeopardy the very existence as artists of many tenants and artists in this city.

As well as actively and creatively addressing this lack of space for art and the threat posed by rent increases or even the planned sale of the building, LauseLive also aims to highlight the increasingly tense situation across Berlin.

We work with what we’ve got!

Due to the lack of free space at the Lause for our programme, we have been making non-spaces into art spaces: Concerts in the staircases, theatre in the corridors and readings at authors’ desks – places of artistic and creative work become event spaces. The artists are invited to address in their own singular ways the situation regarding lack of urban space and the resulting reconversion of other spaces. They are invited to develop new formats or perspectives in an unfamiliar context – to try out the untried in front of an audience.

Culture for All, Not an Elite Art Event!

The programme will be run accessibly. This means that it will allow artists to try out new approaches and that it will be geared especially to visitors who wouldn’t normally attend these kind of events. That’s why we’re planning a serious of 30 to 40 minute events what can be put on without great expense or overheads, paid for just from donations.

LauseLive! will bring different people together with us, our work and the buildings, creating a space for conversation. We want to show how important Lause is for the neighbourhood and the city and present the artistic diversity that’s at home here.

The displacement of artists and non-commercial cultural initiatives and the cultural policy of the city of Berlin are the subjects of intense debates. We’re hoping for a strong media presence, and with LauseLive!, we’re looking forward to making our contribution to these discussions.

Our goal is to increase people’s awareness that it’s worth fighting to preserve places like the Lause; that it’s worth showing how powerful we are when we act together and work creatively with what’s available to us.

Danke an Marieke Wikesjo , Johannes Held and Anni Laukkanen

Danke an Barbara Morgenstern , Christian Biegai and Paul Black

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